9. How do you get the 30%?


This is a frequently asked question and is an intelligent one. MMM is never shy to say the 30% is provided for from the help provided by new participants, which and the cycle is strengthened when older participants return to provide help and invite more people to join MMM.

Its like asking “how do insurance companies payout insurance claims for say written-off cars, burnt down houses, lost lives etc, the answer is they depend on new clients signing up to join their insurance scheme and pray all their cars and houses don’t get destroyed at the same time.

Unfortunately, the fear of not understanding the MMM ideology and model has made the media write unfounded stories about MMM, thereby creating panic in the system and making every participant want to get help at the same time.

Imagine if every account holder of a particular bank decides to withdraw their money on the same day, how likely is it that any bank will survive this?

Anyway, MMM is not by force, it is optional and just when many say “what if it doesn’t work, we say “what if it works”?

Try with N1,000 and confirm for yourself if it works. MMM warns that participants use spare money to provide help in MMM and not sell their house or cars to join MMM, as MMM offers no guarantees.