8. How to provide help?


  • Login to your MMM ACCOUNT, also called PO.
  • Login via www.mmmoffice.com
  • Click on “Provide Help”
  • Click on the box indicating that you have read the warning, then click on Next
  • Click on Other bank (for Naira) or Bitcoin (for bitcoin) then click on Next
  • Type in your Deposit amount, then click on Select(in front of deposit amount)
  • Type in your Leftover Distribution, Same amount as your deposit.
  • If this is your first deposit, make sure you click on the box to get your bonus.
  • Click on Next.
  • Type in the Image code, then click on Next
  • Confirm your deposit amount, then click on Next
  • Your request has been added, click on “OK”

Registration Bonus

$20 For donation of $50-$499 (N15,000- N149,700). Frozen for 14 days.

$50For donation of $500-$2,999 (150,000- N899,700). Frozen for 30 days.

$100For donation of $3,000(N900,000) and above. Frozen for 30 days.


How to upload the proof of payment:.

  • Login to your MMM PO.
  • Click on “Details” on the order
  • Copy the Bank account details of the recipient.
  • Send the amount to the recipient either by transfer via online banking or bank deposit.
  • Take a screenshot of the Send Complete(successful transfer) Page and save it. Save it where you can easily find it. In case of cash deposit, snap the teller and save it. If you carry out the transfer on ATM snap the ATM screen when you have the following:
    1. Details of transfer showing the name and account number of the recipient.
    2. Successful transfer page.

    Screenshot of email debit alert or SMS debit alert can also be used. This is your Proof of Payment(POP)

  • Go back to MMM Dashboard
  • On the order, click on the blue “play” button or click Details and scroll down to the bottom of the pop up page.
  • Click on “I Completed this payment”
  • Click on “Browse File”, Search for the screenshot or snapshot of your proof of payment.
  • Attach file. Wait till the POP is fully uploaded.
    NOTE:If you want to upload more than one POP, upload them one-by-one.
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Next


After successful uploading, the blue button will turn to half-green half-black button

How to Save Screenshot

  • If you are using a mobile phone, follow the steps used to save screenshot according to the phone make.
  • For a Computer: While on the Send Complete Page, Click on Prt Scrn on the keyboard of your Computer.
  • Click on Start>All programs>Accessories, then Paint
  • Click on Edit, then Paste
  • Save file.
  • Note: There are many programs that you can use to do screenshot. For example, Snipping Tool, Green Dot, just use what you are comfortable with.

How long does it take to be matched:

It may take up to +-45 days to get matched.

  • For as long as you are waiting to be matched, your money is still with you and your mavro (money) keeps growing by 10% monthly on a compound interest basis.
  • Just keep your money in tact and check your PO (Personal Office) at least twice everyday, as you may be matched anytime and if you are not aware and fail to pay your order, your account will be blocked.
  • You will be able to re-open your account, but you will lose everything in there and start afresh again and you don’t want that.