7. How is the decisive point of MMM?


You register to Join MMM, , Provide Help (GH = Make a contribution to help somebody), your money grows by 30% monthly on a compound interest basis. So if you Provide Help of N100,000, after 30% you earn 30% of N100,000, which is N30,000, so you have N130,000 + registration bonus. If you refer someone, you get a 10% referral bonus on every contribution they make for life.

Your money grows on a compund interest basis, so in the second month (if you do not request to Get Help (withdraw), you earn 30% on N130,000, which gives you N169,000 9after two months). However you may request to Get Help (GH) anytime and your balance is calculated pro-rata (calculated based on total at that moment).

Also get a registration bonus if your provide help for N16,000 upwards, its a once off, so providing help for less means you lose that opportunity forever. See topic on bonuses to understand how you earn bonuses.

  • MMM is not mandatory, its individual choice.
  • MMM has no office and No Central bank Account.
  • MMM offers No Guarantess.
  • MMM participants pay each other directly into each other’s account.
  • MMM provides the technical and administrative platform ONLY.