Date: 13-07-2020 1

Help received: 0.05136 BTC

Hello MMM Indonesia Community! My name is Getoard . I am from Albania. MMM Indonesia is a real P2P way. Join this beautiful community. I helped with the value of 0.04 btc on 15/06/2020 and I ask for Get help with the value 0.05136 btc recieved same day fast payment my bitcoin account with in 4 hrs, on 12/07/2020 and I am very grateful. Thank you MMM Indonesia for helping the world together change the world.

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Date: 13-07-2020 2

Help received: 0.02413 BTC

Hi am Loick a mmm indonesia participant from Country Uganda. i am PH 0.02 BTC On the 18/06/2020 and Today I requested a bonus of 0.02413 BTC on the 12/07/2020. On the same day I got received my bitcoin wallet paid. Thank you mmm indonesia.

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Date: 13-07-2020 3

Help received: 0.01439 BTC

GOOD EVENING FRIENDS, My Name is Achille i am From Ghana. today my 1st gh 0.01439 i am received link with in second. really very fast system. i m received payment with in 1 hour. long live mmm indonesia.

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Date: 13-07-2020 4

Help received: 0.02132 BTC

Hello Everyone MMM Indonesia Community Im Emma. MMM Indonesia participant Country in Nigeria. I requested for Get help Bonus and profits today on the 13/07/2020 and I received 0.02132 btc today recieved im my luno account. i am happy MMM Indonesia is good. Long live MMM Indonesia. Long live the name of Sergey Mavrodi Thanks.

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Date: 13-07-2020 5

Help received: 0.01369 BTC

Good day everybody, my name is Youness, I am a participant of MMMINDONESIA, I PHed the sum of 0.01 on the 16th of June,2020 and I was allowed to GH the sum of 0.01369 on the 12/07/2020. I swear MMM Indonesia is very wonderful. Long live MMM INDONESIA.

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Date: 13-07-2020 6

Help received: 0.06395 BTC

I am Eduardo and a member of mmm Indonesia ,I got help of 0.06395 on 12/07/2020.MMM Indonesia is the best. long live MMM Indonesia.

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Date: 13-07-2020 7

Help received: 0.02453 BTC

My name is Percy , am an ordinary MMM Indonesia participant and am from Anambra state Nigeria and I pH on 18 of June 2020 sum of 0.02 and I GH on 12 of July with sum of 0.02453 BTC. MMM Indonesia very good friends MMM Indonesia is FULLY back . THANK YOU

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Date: 13-07-2020 8

Help received: 0.01193 BTC

My name is Bunkechukwu from nigeria, i am participant in MMM INDONESIA. today 13-07-2020 i am received 0.01193 btc in my wallet it's my referral and guider bonus. thank you mmm indonesia paying very fast.

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Date: 13-07-2020 9

Help received: 0.03652 BTC

My name is Santosh, MMM Indonesia, participant of the Country INDIA. MMM Indonesia beautiful community. I am a help with the value of 0.03 btc, on June 14, 2020 and I am requesting get help with a value of 0.03652 btc on July 12, 2020. MMMIndonesia Pays 0.03652 btc and I am very happy gratefully, thank to sender participants you very much to MMM Indonesia international. togather change the world. LL MMM Indonesia!!!

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Date: 13-07-2020 10

Help received: 0.0055 BTC

Halo MMM Indonesia, Nama Saya Joaquim dari Jakarta, Negara Indonesia saya adalah peserta MMM Indonesia 14 Juni 2020, saya ph 0,005 btc dan pada 12 Juli 2020, saya gh 0,0055 btc. Saya suka MMM Indonesia. Terima kasih untuk MMM Indonesia. Komunitas MMM Indonesia Hidup Panjang.

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